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The Story of RosePedLWine

Written by Lord of the Rings (LotR)

This is the story of how my love, RosePedLWine acquired her name. It is a story which goes way back in time to a place long from here, and an event which touched the hearts of all around the world. It's a story of the triumph of one family long ago, which made it possible for me to be here now with my love, my RosePedLWine.

My grandfather was born in St. Anguelle, France in 1908. A year following his birth, his father (my great grandfather) left France and came to America seeking a new life and a better opportunity for his family. He worked hard as a coal miner and saved his money for three years with hopes of bringing his family to the states. His wife and their 5 children waited anxiously back in France, wishing for the day that they would come to America to be reunited. Finally he saved up enough money to send for his wife in France and he waited anxiously to once again see his family.

After receiving the money he had saved, My Great Grandmother went to Cherbourg, France to buy the tickets to sail to America. It was April of 1912 and the ship in which she intended to sail was the Titanic. When she went to purchase the tickets, she was told the Titanic's third class tickets were overbooked. The only other ship, in which my Great Grandmother could sail, was the S. S. Philadelphia, which was not to set sail until May 1, 1912. She was deeply saddened because she would not be allowed passage on the Titanic and would have to wait even longer to be reunited with her husband.

Meanwhile, back in the states, my Great Grandfather awaited their arrival on the Titanic, not knowing that they were not able to acquire tickets and had to take passage on another ship. The Titanic met Her tragic fate on April 15, 1912. My Great Grandfather thought his entire family had perished in Her sinking. He was totally devastated and was in deep mourning, not knowing that his family was safe and well, staying with relatives in Cherbourg.

His wife and 5 children left Cherbourg on May 1, 1912. They arrived at Ellis Island, New York on May 8, 1912. Upon arriving, she sent a telegraph to my Great Grandfather at the mining camp and he was elated to find that his entire family was in fact still alive.

My grandfather was 4 years old when he came to America. Many years passed, and he became a rose grower for a large greenhouse in Illinois, and being a true Frenchmen, he loved to make wine. He would bring roses home from the greenhouse to make the most succulent wine that you have ever tasted, Rose Petal Wine. When a bottle of it would be uncorked it filled the room with the fragrance of roses. It was cherished by all of my family, for it was unique and was a special part of our heritage.

After my grandfather passed away in 1973, we opened the bottles very sparingly. Each of us knowing they were the last in existence. We opened and drank the last bottle in 1982. It holds dear and fond memories for my family and holds very special meaning in my heart. And my one, knowing how special it was to me, chose for her name RosePedLWine.