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Available League Positions
TD Application


  1. Proven abilities to:
    - macro advertisements
    - take, save & attach screenshots (in GIF format) to emails
  2. Maintain appropriate knowledge of the league rules & protocols
  3. Ability to investigate player records & problem solve
  4. Maintain an appropriate attitude with league members
  5. Be fair & consistant with all duties
  1. Effectively represent the TD's:
    - attend staff meetings
    - present TD concerns to Admins
    - assist with finding appropriate solutions
    - be available regularly to TD's & Admins
  2. Maintain appropriate knowledge of the TD software (server)
  3. Hire, train & supervise TD's
  4. Plus all listed requirements for TD's

To become a Head TD or Admin, you must begin as a TD and work your way up as positions become available. If you are interested in hosting tournaments, we encourage you to submit a TD Application. We need TD's who will schedule & run tournaments regularly. Experience is not required, although it is preferred. Our staff members will train those who apply. Those who apply now, can and will be considered for the Head TD position which is presently being held for the right individual. TD's are compensated for running tournaments with Ladderbux for each member who registers for the event.

All staff members (this includes TD's) who are inactive for 4 weeks will be removed from Legacy staff unless otherwise approved by the Legacy Administrative Team. At present, no staff members are approved to remain inactive beyond December 15, 2002. At that time, all staff members who have been inactive for 4 weeks or longer will be considered as having abandoned their position and will be replaced. TD's who are in training are responsible for requesting & receiving their training within the required time.