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Updated 11/19/2002

Failing to abide by these rules may result in ejection from this league. It is your individual responsibility to check these rules regularly for updates.

  1. All players MUST have the same user ID in the league as they use at Yahoo! Games.
  2. No duplicate accounts. Only one account per member is allowed.
  3. Never advertise Legacy League, tournaments, or jump numbers in other lobbies or on other league websites.
  4. Vulgarity, poor sportsmanship, or otherwise inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated, regardless of circumstance.
  5. Each player is allowed 10 minutes re-boot time per game or tournament. If player returns after 6 mins, they then have 4 mins of reboot time available to them. Once this time is depleted, they forfeit the game or tournament. In the event that a player forfeits a match, either voluntarily or by timer depletion, the table is to be cancelled (never force forfeited) and reported to an admin for varification and match reporting.
  6. NO SAFETIES. Tapping balls, intentionally hiding balls and/or forcing opponents to foul for the purpose of obtaining ball in hand is absolutely prohibited! This is not a rule in which we intend to nit-pick our members but will be used to control those few who abuse safeties to a rediculous level. If you barely tap a rack while breaking, expect a re-rack. If you thrive on the use of safeties, expect to be disqualified from games, tournaments and even possibly ejected from this league. We do not tolerate players who abuse the ball in hand priviledge.
  7. In the event there is a dispute between players, with contradicting explanations, there must be a witness or screenshot to clarify the situation or no match will be reported and the game will be considered a re-match. Any member who lies about the results of a match will be immediately ejected from this league.
  8. No league game is to be cancelled without first obtaining the approval of an Admin or TD, unless the cancellation is consensual between both players. Failure to obtain approval will result in a forfeited league game. Forced forfeits are never allowed for any reason!
  9. Losses must be reported immediately following all league games. Failure to report losses will result in the league admins reporting it for you and continued failure to report could result in ejection from the league. NOTE: Please check the daily results page to ensure the loss was recorded properly on the server. In the event that a loss goes unreported, for any reason, contact the league admins immediately.
  10. Certain special style league games are permitted provided that all players agree prior to the game and provided that We use the style in our league. This includes Speed, Off the Break, Survivor, Golf Pool, Bar Rules or even Cutthroat or 9 ball at In the event that 3 or more players are included on the league game, all losers are to report to the one winner of that match. No player is ever to report more than one lose per game.
  11. Yahoo glitches are to be compensated for by the TD and/or Admin in the fairest possible manner. Due to the vast amount of glitches which can and often times do occur, there is no way to list them along with their appropriate solutions. Therefore, each solution must be dealt with individually and as fairly as possible. When a Yahoo glitch occurs, the TD and/or Admin is bound by his/her obligation to the integrity of this league as well as the integrity of their position, to be fair and consistant with their judgement calls. League members are also bound by an obligation to be cooperative and understanding when judgements calls are made. Members with concerns regarding those judgement calls are always highly encouraged to submit a letter of concern to the Admins for immediate review and consideration.
  12. All players should do their best to play the person ranked directly beneath them on the leaderboard. This especially holds true for players ranked within the top 20, as we hope to have the maximum competitive spirit within the members of our league. NOTE: The #1 ranked player MUST defend his or her position against the top contender (player ranked #2) a minimum of once every 3 days. Failure to do so will result in being automatically dropped in rank to the #2 positon. This holds true for all players, as inactivity will automatically drop you in ranking on the leaderboard and eventually purge you from the system after 120 days of inactivity.
  13. For obvious reasons, we can not be present in each members home to insure that straight edge items are not being used to line up shots. It is impossible for the Administrative team to enforce any rule against their use. The only fair solution is to insure that all members of the league have the same rights and abilities to use these items as everyone else. We neither encourage, nor discourage their use and leave it to each member as a personal choice.

  1. TDs are not permitted to play games while running their tournaments.
  2. TDs must be present on the table during finals at all times. Please always create the final table and invite the opponents to sit.
  3. All judgement calls are to be fair & consistant.
  4. Tournaments may not overlap.
  5. Never scroll advertisements for a tournament while another is still in progress, prior to the announcement of their final round. In the event that you have special reason to advertise earlier, permission must be obtained from the other TD or Admin before doing so.
  6. Never advertise Legacy League, tournaments, or jump numbers in other lobbies or on other league websites.
  7. It is the responsibility of all TDs to know and enforce the league and tournament rules appropriately and consistantly.

  1. Players must use the same Yahoo ID that they joined the league with.
  2. Each player has 10 mins of reboot time per tournament.
  3. All tables are to be created as protected.
  4. Force forfeits are never allowed.
  5. Tapping balls, intentionally hiding balls and/or forcing opponents to foul for the purpose of obtaining ball in hand is absolutely prohibited except during survivor games.
  6. Players may not play other games while participating in a tournament.
  7. No vulgarity, poor sportsmanship or otherwise inappropriate conduct.

Single Elim Tournaments - 1 Ladderbux per player who enters.
Double Elim Tournaments - 2 Ladderbux per player who enters.

3 TD donations allowed per month for free accounts - recommended for theme tournaments

TD who runs the most tournaments

TD with the largest turn-outs (player entries) for the month