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Backdoor to Hustlers

Congratulations macaw39!
Legacy Tourney Champion:
[Champions name here]

Legacy theme tournaments are held every night at 9 PM eastern standard time in Yahoo Pools UK Hustler lobby.  Legacy has a specially planned line up of tournaments that not only give the player an interesting change of pace but also greatly helps to improve their playing skills.  From a strategic game of Golf Pool to a cutthroat game of Survivor, you are sure to find a theme that greatly interests you.  Come and join us and see what being a part of a truly fantastic league is all about.

League Rules

"Big Bux"
TD: [TD Name here]

TD: [TD Name here]

"Off the Break"
TD: [TD Name here]

Bar Room Brawl
TD: [TD Name here]

"Golf Pool"
TD: [TD Name here]

TD: Admins

TD: [TD Name here]

Leave a message for a friend, comment on the league site, request information, make a special announcement or show your league spirit and pride.  There are many uses for this message board but please do not abuse or misuse it or we will have to delete your entry.

League Administrators


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