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Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg

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Kentucky State Capital Kentucky (meaning "Land of Tomorrow" in the American Indian Language), became the fifteenth state of the union in 1792. Frankfort is our state capital and our largest city (and my home town) is Louisville, which has a population of approximately 3,700,000. Kentucky was a Confederate state during the American Civil War and is famous for breeding some of the finest and fastest thoroughbred race horses in the world. The beautiful lush green valleys and hills of this state are truly what makes Kentucky home. My travels haven't been far, but I have never seen a state as beautiful as ours and no matter where I go through life, it is this beauty that will always call me back home.

I am truly proud of my southern heritage. Thanks to the many talents of my mother and grandmother, with their guidance I turned out to be one of the finest cooks of southern cousine and I value the southern graces & hospitality which were instilled in me from the time I was born. I also had a lot of help from God along the way, but I turned out to be a fine Kentucky woman.. one that I can be proud of.

Here is a fun little website for those who truly love the Southern way of life, Strickly Southern!

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